Do you miss travels?! Montenegro is an attractive tourist destination that you should explore. The small country between the mountains and the sea has a diverse tourist offer: active tourism, adrenaline tours in impressive canyons and mountain rivers… interesting trips to national parks, rich history of old towns, quality food prepared according to national recipes, excellent wines to taste in the old cellars with a homely welcome.


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Discover the perfect blend of diversity in a small area and discover your place to rest and enjoy yourself with the AVE tours agency.




An interesting, smallest country in the Balkans, offers diversity that is rarely seen on Earth in just one day. From south to north, unusually diverse landscapes: sea, lake, and mountain. It is a country that will amaze you in your first encounter, which you will love before you fully know it. And once you start that mystical beauty of discovery, you will not resist it – you will return to that perfect harmony of diversity.


The warmth of the south

The warmth of the south, the wild beauty of the north, the mysticism and richness of the national parks of Montenegro have occupied a special place in the hearts of many people. When nature was giving beauty, Montenegro seems to be in the first rows. It has created a paradise in the heart of Balkanthat offers a lot in a small area.

Montenegro’s history is equally exciting, measuring more than two and a half millennia long, and the ancient towns – preserved or in ruins – bear the testimony of all civilizations from Illyria, through ancient Greece and Rome, through Nemanjić Dynasty, Venetian, Ottoman Empire to Austro – Hungarian. And in this diversity is the specific riches of the smallest country in the Balkans.


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Old town Bar




The Montenegrin coast covers 316 kilometers of the Adriatic coast, and about 73 km are sandy and pebbly beaches, each beautiful in its own way, whether it is open and by the road, whether it is hidden and romantic.

Montenegro will fulfill the desires of tourists who seek for exploration, it is an ideal choice for lovers of undiscovered nature from wild and exotic beaches to small hidden coves in the rocks. If you want to spend a day at the beach where queens bathed, in Montenegro, it is possible if you choose one of the Queen’s beaches.


Wild beaches – Perfect choice

Don’t miss the opportunity to stay at the healing beaches. From the curious glances hidden behind a pine canopy with natural sources of sulfur in Ulcinj is the Women’s Beach.

The paradise for the hedonists is Ada Bojana, which achieved the status of a nudist beach in the time of socialism. Big Beach, Jaz, Buljarice … there are many beautiful beaches that offer different entertainment: day and night parties, where world music stars like Madonna, Rolling Stones,.. had concerts, beaches where music festivals take place, etc.


Ada Bojana




In all five national parks of Montenegro nature is like on postcards.


National parks of Montenegro

Skadar Lake also has a rugged and swampy shore with rich flora and fauna. Rare birds of the world have chosen this national park for their natural habitat. The beauty of untouched nature, the fairy-tale water fields of water lilies on the lake, fishing villages, islands with medieval monasteries… cannot leave anyone indifferent. The best proof is the increasing number of tourists who return year after year and keep discovering new magical places of the largest lake in the Balkans, whose 2/3 belong to Montenegro.


National park Lake Skadar

Next on the list is Durmitor, a mountain giant, different on each side. Impressive!!! This national park is protected by UNESCO, and it is the largest national park in Montenegro. Within the National park, Durmitor is also the tallest town in the Balkans, Zabljak – situated at the altitude of 1,456 meters above sea level and surrounded by 23 peaks higher than 2,300 meters.


National park Durmitor – panoramic view on Black lake


The beauty of Durmitor is revealed by tourists from all the meridians, and the enthusiasm was not hidden by the most famous Hollywood couple – Richard Barton and Liz Taylor, who stayed at Zabljak while the famous actor was shooting for the movie “Sutjeska” starting Josip Broz Tito.

Biogradska Gora is the first legally protected national park in Montenegro. In particular, beauty rises Bjelasica, the only volcanic mountain in Montenegro, whose slopes are covered by the rainforest reflected in Biograd Lake. In 1878, King Nikola put the area of the Biogradska Gora under protection as the first official act of protecting the natural environment in Europe, and it was only six years after Yellowstone was declared the first national park in the world.


National park Biogradska gora

Mountain Lovćen – powerful and proud. Lovćen houses the highest mausoleum, the eternal house of Peter II Petrovic Njegos, Montenegrin bishop and ruler, writer, philosopher. 461 steps lead to the mausoleum. The mausoleum is located on Jezerski vrh – Lake Peak (1657 m), which offers a magnificent panoramic view of Montenegro. Hikers and picnickers are happy to take well-marked trails in the Lovćen National Park. There is an Adventure Park on Ivanova Korita which has 10 trails, 3 of which are new and provide an opportunity for sports and extreme adrenaline activities.


National park Lovćen

Prokletije National Park is beautiful in its own way. The Prokletije mountain range, or so-called Balkan Alps, represents the highest mountain of the Dinaric Massif. The youngest national park in Montenegro, founded in 2009, is named after the same name mountain, which covers up the majority of the national park. Besides the mountain, the park includes two nature parks: Volusica and Lake Hrid. Popular among visitors, Lake Hrid, at an altitude of 1970 meters, is also called the “lake of fortune”. According to local legend, the lake was created by the gods so that the fairies could bathe without being seen by humans. It is believed that swimming in the lake will bring good luck…


National park Prokletije




The deepest canyon in Europe, the Tara Canyon offers the attraction of rafting like no other mountain river. The wild beauty of the untouched nature of the canyon, the rapids of the Tara River are ideal for the adventure you will never forget. Tara is the longest river in Montenegro, it is 144 km long – also known as the “Tear of Europe”. Her turquoise blue water intersects the northern edge of Durmitor National Park and forms a 1300-meter-deep canyon. The canyon is a marvel of nature, and the bridge Djurdjevica Tara is a marvel of architecture… What was the inspiration for building the magnificent bridge, you will find out from the AVE tours guide.


Photo: The deepest in Europe - Tara Canyon
The deepest in Europe – Tara Canyon


One of the most beautiful bays in the world – BAY OF KOTOR


The Bay of Kotor is one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Due to its unusual appearance, many people define it as the southernmost fjord of Europe, and Kotor is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site due to its historical monuments. Kotor is adorned with magnificent Renaissance palaces, Gothic, Baroque… At the heart of the Bay of Kotor is divine Our Lady of the Rocks.


The magical Boka Bay

Montenegro, a small country of great contrasts, a perfect blend of diversity, is an eternal muse for artists who put this extraordinary beauty into the most delicate and beautiful poems.



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