Once upon a time when there were no roads, in the heart of nature, people were finding the most accessible places to connect one settlement to another, often crossing large altitude differences.

Travel agency AVE tours takes you on an adventure across Rumija Mountain that belongs to the Dinaric Massif.

Rumija rises steeply above the Adriatic Sea, and goes down towards Lake Skadar, its highest peak is 1593 m high.

We begin our adventure by gathering of the group at an agreed location from where, through Velembus, known for its spacious olive groves, we head by asphalt road towards Baltina, the starting point of the footpath.

At the beginning of the tour, our guides will briefly introduce us to basic information, explain how to behave in nature, and tell us more about challenges ahead of us.

A view from the mount Rumija

We will climb Mount Rumija over the most demanding pass of Bijela Skala, a natural notch in the rocks of the mountain range that separates the hinterland of Bar from Skadar Lake, which used to be part of the caravan road.

You will notice that one part of this path is the work of human hands. Namely, such a steep and demanding path people have adapted to their faithful companions during a difficult life. The track needed to be wide enough for a donkey with two sacks on its back to pass.

Hiking adventures

Climb on the top of Bijela Skala

Crossing the altitude difference of 903m, we reach the highest point of our adventure, offering a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea.

While taking a break for breakfast, our guides will introduce us to the rich vegetation of this mountain range and we will learn about the interesting phoenix flower – Ramonda Natalia, Rumija grass and beautiful wild orchids.

The part of the trail that we cross belongs to one of the most attractive hiking trails of Montenegro – Mountaineering Coastal Transversal, which extends from west to east, with a total length of 138 km, and includes the mountains Orjen, Lovćen and Rumija, a mountain massif that separates the coast from the central part of Montenegro.


Hiking on a caravan route

After the rest, we leave the Adriatic Sea behind us and we replace it with more tame area covered with low oak forest. Soon after that, we will have the view of Lake Skadar and Prokletije Mountain range, two of Montenegro’s five national parks.

Fascinated by the rich nature, still full of the scent of wild vegetation, we arrive in Pinčici where a bus awaits us, which will take us to a rural household to refresh ourselves and enjoy the gastronomic offer of Crmnica, and we then return to Bar.


Happiness on the hiking tour 

Take the caravan route of our ancestors and feel the spirit of nature!

Details & Itinerary


1. Group meeting at an agreed location. Drive to Baltina, the starting point of the mountain trail.

2. Crossing the Rumija Mountain over the White Rock Pass (Bijela Skala). Breakfast in nature.

3. After hiking, organized lunch in one of the rural households of Crmnica.

4. Return to Bar and end of the adventure.

The excursion lasts about 8 hours.

Both group and private tours available!

National gastronomic offer

Price information

Private tour

Check the price list for private tours

1 person       1 x   250€   = 250€
2 persons     2 x  135€    = 270€
3 persons     3 x  100€    = 300€
4 persons     4 x     95€    = 380€
5 persons     5 x     90€    = 450€
6 persons     6 x     85€    = 510€

Group tour

85€ per person

A minimum of 6  people is required for realisation.

Cost included in the price

  • Drive by car, van or mini-bus
  • Licensed Guides
  • Breakfast in nature, 0.5 l of water, lunch
  • Parking services
  • Organizational costs.

The price does not include

  • Individual costs.


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