Rafting Tara

From €89/person


Did you know that Tara is on the top list of wild rivers for rafting, along with Colorado and Zambezi. Let’s conquer the wild river together – Rafting Tara because of which people come to Montenegro on purpose !!!

Private tour available

13 hours

Group tour - min. 5 people

Canyoning near the sea - the best choice for your adventure

From €75/person


Experience untouched nature, centuries-old battle of water and stone in unique canyons located near the sea. Don’t miss part of your trip being canyoning in the hinterland of Bar. 

6 hours

Group tour - min. 4 people

Private tour available

cBar, markiranje planinskih staza fot B.Dabic.jpg 1

From €85/person


We go hiking in the vicinity of Bar, primordial contact with untouched nature and a kind of regeneration of all the senses on one of the 16 trails. We connect the shores over the mountain Rumija !!!

8 hours

Group tour - min. 4 people

Private tour available

Život zaštićenih magaraca na Farmi u Martinićima

From €39/person

Resting at Donkey Farm Martinici

The first and only donkey farm in Montenegro was founded to protect these animals from extinction, for education, … to enjoy the unique natural environment. Book a visit and enjoy it with your family!

8 hours

Group tour - min. 6 people

Private tour available

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