Fish picnic in Godinje village


Have you had the experience of choosing a trout fish for your meal in a cold stream?

When did you pick the vegetables in the garden?

Ave Tours travel agency takes you on a fish picnic, but this time not to the sea, the river, but to the village. Fish picnic in the village of Godinje.

This village is the first protected rural entity in Montenegro with the status of a cultural asset.

The advantage of the rural environment is clean and unpolluted nature, which enables the production of ecological and healthy food.

Organski uzgoj povrća

Organic vegetable growing

In Godinje, while preparing a homemade meal, enjoy the view of Skadar Lake and drink excellent wine, juice made in a rural household or spring water.

We start a fish trip to Godinje at 09:00 from Bar. We are travelling to Virpazar. Before we arrive in Godinje, (it is about 30 kilometers away from Bar) we take a photo break at the lookout. According to the legend  Prince Vladimir liked to rest in this village, so he called it Godinje. There is also a summer house of the Balšić dynasty, and King Nikola also enjoyed in wine made from the vineyards in Godinje.

Tradicionalni način uzgoja povrća

Traditional vegetable growing

When you pass through Godinje with a licensed guide and hear many interesting stories, a new, pleasant surprise awaits you at the end of the village. Our host Dušan Leković is developing a rural household on the foundations where his ancestors lived. In the manner of a good host, he welcomes guests with a glass of vine, homemade fritters and cheese…

On the edge of the Leković estate is the Mlištica stream, where Dušan made a trout pond.

A special attraction for guests is that they can choose their own trout in the stream.

In the garden, vegetables flourish for the fertile soil of Crmnica, the plants are soaked with spring water and they are “protected” from pests by marigold and velvet flowers … Dušan accepted traditional practice applied in horticulture by our ancestors and he is growing vegetables without chemical spraying.

Hram Svetog Jovana Vladimira u Baru

Enjoy in domestic food

There are 13 water sources in Godinje.

With the murmur of the stream, on the wooden terrace where the breeze alleviates the summer heat, with a view of Skadar Lake, tourists enjoy lunch in untouched nature. You can also see the old, dilapidated mill.

The village of Godinje is an oasis of peace, healthy food and good wine. A place to relax and experience all the senses.

The trip is recommended for all generations, and is ideal for families with children.

After a fish picnic in Godinje, we take you to the Besac Fortress, which offers a beautiful view of the Skadar Lake National Park.

Trout fish


In addition to enjoying the rural household in Godinje, guests are also offered a ride on Skadar Lake.

You can choose the drive around the island of Grmožur, where used to be a prison, or visit of the fishing villages of Raduš and Krnjice, or visit of the medieval monastery of Beška, or the islands where the monastery of Starčevo is.

Skadar Lake cruise is a unique opportunity to see rare pelican birds, ride through the fields of water lilies… More adventurous spirits can also go kayaking.

Skadar lake National Park

Don’t miss the fish picnic in Godinje during your visit to Montenegro! Catch fish for lunch yourself!

Details & Itinerary


1. Meeting of the group at the agreed location, departure to the Lake Skadar National Park.

2. Photo break at the lookout point with views of Skadar Lake (10 min).

3. Arrival in Godinje.

4. A walk through the village  with interesting stories of our guides

5. Fish picnic in household of Dušan Leković.

6. Visit Besac fortress


7. Cruise on Skadar lake

8. On the way back to Bar, a coffee break in Virpazar.

9. Arrival in Bar. End of journey.

The excursion lasts about 6 hours

Private tours availabe

Group tours available

Visit Skadar lake islands 

Price information

Private Tour

Check the price list for private tours

2 persons       2  x  60€      = 120€
3 persons       3  x  55€      = 165€
4 persons       4  x  50€      = 200€
5 persons       5  x  45€      = 225€
6 persons       6  x  40€      = 240€
7 persons       7  x  35€      = 245€

Group Tour

€60 per person

A minimum of 7 people is required for realisation.

Costs included in the price

  • Travel by car, van or bus of high tourist class
  • A tourist guide on the language of the group
  • Lunch in the rural household
  • Entrance in Besac fortress
  • Parking services and tolls
  • Organizational costs

The price does not include

  • Ticket for NP Skadar Lake (4 EUR)
  • Skadar lake cruise (35 EUR / h – boat capacity up to 8 people)
  • Individual costs


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