Resting at Donkey Farm Martinici

A farm where donkeys enjoy and heal in Montenegro


An active holiday on Sundays at the Donkey Farm – enjoy and be humane.

The first and only donkey farm in Montenegro was founded to protect these animals from extinction, for education, … to enjoy the unique natural environment.

It is interesting that when the owner of the Farm “Martinići” decided to create the first donkey farm in Montenegro, he was not guided by money but by the protection of this animal species that is threatened with extinction. In the meantime, he devised a way to make the farm self-sustaining, useful for children with special needs because it has been proven to help treat autism. Over 100,000 visitors visited the farm in a few years.

Less than 20 kilometres from the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, be part of this unique agritourism story.

Darko Saveljić - zaštitio je ove plemenite životinje

Darko Saveljić protected more than 50 of these noble animals on his farm

Donkey Farm Martinici welcome

Welcome to all nature lovers

Radni vrijeme Farme magaraca Martinići

The ticket to the Farm is the donkey’s favorite food – fruit or vegetables

There are currently 60 donkeys on the farm in Marinići, 20 more than when this unusual household started. The farm is open to visitors only on Sundays. Entrance is paid, but not with money, but with fruit or vegetables. You can complete an active holiday in nature, hiking, with a stay and work at the Donkey Farm, depending on your interests.

On the farm, you can see a plough, a plow…various means and tools that were once needed in everyday life.

There used to be no house in Montenegro that didn’t have a donkey that was an “ally” in the difficult life in the countryside.


Na farmi se mogu vidjeti plug, samar…razna sredstva i oruđa koje su se koristila svakodnevnom životu

On the farm you can see various means and tools that were used in everyday life

Magarci uživaju na farmi

Donkeys, once often left to fend for themselves, are now fully cared for

Pernate životinje na farmi magaraca u Martinićima

Donkeys are accompanied by various kinds of feathered animals.

A visit to the Farm is an opportunity to find out how the donkey is part of the Montenegrin natural and cultural heritage, how many there were in minimal times, and how they fight for their survival in the countryside between Podgorica and Danilovgrad.

What else is the charm of Donkey Farm?

Donkey farm in Martinići is the only place in Montenegro where guests can pay and work, volunteer at the farm. Humanity is an integral part of the offer of the Farm in Martinići. Staying at the Farm is free for families with children suffering from autism, and children in wheelchairs, and this therapy can help a lot, especially when it comes to children with autism because they will be more relaxed, happier…

Farma je otvorena za posjetioce samo nedeljom.

The farm is open to visitors only on Sundays

Numerous features of the Farm were the reason for this property to be on the pages of the world’s most popular media in a short period of time. Maybe you didn’t know, but every December the Donkey Ball is organized at the Farm.

The donkey is a rare animal that is mentioned in the Bible, and it is mentioned more than once. By the way, the donkey is an African animal that is almost extinct on this continent today due to the cosmetic industry and high-quality face cream – it is made from gelatin obtained by boiling donkey skin.

But in the heart of Montenegro, in the corner of Europe, at the “Martinići” Farm, donkeys are carefully cared for.

You can also buy donkey milk at the Farm, as well as visit the Donkey Museum and Visitor Center.

Alati koji su se nekada koristili u seoskim domaćinstvima

Tools that were once used in rural households

Live an unusual experience at the donkey farm “Martinići” and be in a group of enthusiasts who preserve nature, contribute to the preservation of donkeys in Montenegro and Europe.

Details & Itinerary


1. Group meeting at the agreed place, in the morning.

2.Driving from the Montenegrin coast to Martinici village (90 min).

3. Easy walking tour through the forest lasting 20 minutes.

4. Stay at the farm (3 h).

5. Time allotted for lunch at the national restaurant (about 1.5 hours).

7. Return to Bar (about 2 hours).

8. End of journey.

The trip lasts about 8 hours

Private and group tours available

Useful tip: Book early as places are limited

Protected animals enjoy relaxing on the farm

Protected animals enjoy relaxing on the farm

Price list

Private tour

Check the price list for private tours

persons     2 x  120€  = 240€
3 persons      3 x     85€  = 255€                                                                                    4 persons      4 x     65€  = 260€                                                                                      5 persons      5 x     55€  = 275€



Group tour

55€ per person

A minimum of 4 people is required for realisation.

Cost included in the price

  • Travel by car, van or bus of high tourist class
  • The services of AVE tours group guide
  • Parking services and tolls
  • Organizational costs

The price does not include

  • Individual costs.
  • Lunch in a national restaurant

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