There are few cities in the world that hide 5 canyons in their hinterland. One of them is Bar. Include Bar in your top destination and in the hinterland of Bar Riviera discover one of the 5 attractive canyons of Mount Rumija. Within 10 km of the coastline and urban Bar, there is the untouched nature of the five canyons – Medjureč, Rikavac, Vruća Rijeka, Nikezića creek and Perin stream. AVE tours travel agency takes you to the Canyon Rikavac, located beneath the Mount Rumija, which by its mass separates the hinterland of the Adriatic Sea from the largest lake in the Balkans, Skadar. Our guides will make sure that walking through the canyon is completely safe. Rikavac Canyon is suitable for beginners, but at the same time interesting for experienced canyoning enthusiasts.

Canyoning near the sea – the best choice for your adventure

By agreement we meet at 8:00 AM and by mini-bus we head towards the Old Town of Bar, from where we will take a warm hike for the adventure that awaits us.

Before entering the canyon, guides will introduce you to the characteristics of Rikavac Canyon. 

Thay give you the necessary recommendations and special suits for an adrenaline adventure through the canyon.

The entrance in the river is Under the Menka’s bridge, and the route is about 1000 meters long, up to Brbot.


Top offer – 5 canyons in the hinterland of Bar

There are five waterfalls up to 12 meters high in the Rikavac Canyon, which requires the assistance of experienced guides. Already after the first vertical, you will see why the Rikavac Canyon is a true gem among canyons that provides pleasure both for beginners and experienced canyoning fans. With relaxation, while swimming in the natural pools between the cliffs, in the lush nature, this great adrenaline tour, which reveals all the canyoning charm takes about three hours (depends on the number of people).

For those who are experienced in canyoning, we also organize the tour through the canyon of Međureč.

There is no hurry through the canyon, this gem of nature is made for pure enjoyment — descending down verticals, descending down canyon slides, swimming in the pools that nature made, jumping off rocks… One of the canyon’s features is large areas of blue-green moss in certain places which affects the appearance of the canyon and gives the water a turquoise-green hue which fascinate.

After exiting the canyon, you could enjoy the beauties of Old Town Bar and the national gastronomic offer of this area (optional) .

Kanjon nadomak mora

One of 5 canyons in the hinterland of Bar

Eager for adrenaline? Experience a new adventure, learn the skills and beauty of canyoning!!!

Details & Itinerary



1. Group meeting at an agreed location in Bar. Drive to the Old Town and hike to the mountain river (about 30 min).

2. Easy walk through the canyon with photo breaks and swimming (about 3 hours).

3. Lunch in the Old Town of Bar and a tour around the local streets of the town (about 2 hours) OPTIONAL

4. Return to Bar and end of an adventure.


The excursion lasts about 6 hours.

Both group and private tours available!

Mystic of Rikavac canyon near Bar

Mystic of Rikavac canyon near Bar

Price information

Private tour

Check the price list for private tours

1 person       1 x  250€   = 250€
2 persons     2 x  125€   = 250€
3 persons     3 x  110€   = 330€
4 persons     4 x  100€   = 400€
5 persons     5 x     95€   = 475€
6 persons     6 x     90€   = 540€
7 persons     7 x     85€   = 595€


Group tour

85€ per person

A minimum of  6 people is required to complete the trip

Cost included in the price

  • Drive by car, van or mini-bus
  • Use of specialized canyoning equipment
  • Licensed Guide for canyoning( two guides minimum )
  • Parking services and tolls
  • Organizational costs

The price does not include

  • Individual costs, food and drink.


  1. Ulf Mueller

    Hi, could you offer a Trip Canyoning Međureč river for sporty and climbing experienced father and son? Living in Sutomore. Monday Till Wed Next week?
    Best regards Ulf

  2. Joana

    What a perfekt day! The tour and the people was really nice 🙂
    Also the transfer was super easy.
    A lot of jumps, lower down on a rope and good talks.
    Thanks to everyone 🙂

    • AVE Tours team

      Dear Joana,
      Thank you for your positive feedback on behalf of the entire team. 🙂 Among the active tours offered by AVE tours, canyoning in the hinterland of Bar is an adrenaline tour that you will put on the list of activities that you do not miss during your stay in Montenegro.

  3. Mira

    I and friend of mine are ladies in early 60s, fit, but not experienced in canyoneering. We booked Rikavac tour with Ave tours and had great adventure! Everything was perfect from pick up to drop off, but special shout out to our guides Darko and Bozo, whose demeanor, knowledge, encouraging helped us to forget fears and ride on adrenalin. Beautiful, beautiful small canyon.
    Thank you

    • AVE Tours team

      Dear ladies, thank you for your positive comment. We are glad that you enjoyed in the Rikavac canyon, which is recommended for beginners. We will forward your impressions to Darko and Božo.
      See you again on some new adrenaline adventure.

  4. Shannon

    What an amazing experience! I loved every minute of this excursion and will absolutely do this again!

    • AVE Tours Team

      Dear Shannon,

      The canyons in the hinterland of Bar are the most beautiful in the Balkans and these are places that are discovered through active excursions of the AVE Tours travel agency.
      We are glad that you liked our recommendation.


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