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Old town Bar

From €35/person

Explore diversity of phoenix town: Bar between East and West                                                                                                     

 Together we explore the undiscovered treasures of the Old Town of Bar below Mount Rumija and discover when and why the west opened its doors to the east. A unique coastal town that is not on the coast.

3 hours

Group tour - min. 6 people

Private tour available

Skadarsko Jezero

From €55/person

Pearl of untouched Nature: National Park Lake Skadar                                                                                                                    

Come, see, experience and you will surely return to Skadar Lake National Park. Nature lovers  Skadar Lake, the largest lake in the Balkans, because of its rich flora and fauna call El Dorado.

4 hours

Group tour - min. 4 people

Private tour available

Ulcinj, the town of three Helens, the town that erected the monument to Cervantes

From €70/person

3 top attractions on the Montenegrin coast – Sveti Stefan, Budva, Kotor

Experience  the charms of the three top tourist attractions of the Montenegrin coast and discover why Kotor, under UNESCO protection is one of the most visited cruise destinations in the Mediterranean.

6 hours

Group tour - min. 4 people

Private tour available

From €65/person

Tour where we discover: Old Town Bar, Old Olive Tree, Old Town Ulcinj

On the way through the past in the Old towns of Bar and Ulcinj, we discover the tradition and culture of this area for a period longer than 2000 years – experience different civilizations in a small area.

6 hours

Group tour - min. 4 people

Private tour available

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