Panoramic route: Bar on two magical shores

Discover harmony in diversity on the panoramic route of Lake Skadar


If there is a town in Montenegro, on the Balkans, where harmony is achieved through diversity – it is Bar. This is the only town in Montenegro, which has in its tourist offer sea, mountain, lake, five canyons, the Old Town – an open-air museum, and the oldest olive tree on the Adriatic, which testifies life longer than two millennia on this area. Travel agency AVE tours takes you on a panoramic route between two magical shores. We go on a picnic overlooking the rugged part of the Skadar Lake National Park. On the Panoramic route, which is about a hundred kilometers long, we will take a break at five lookouts in the attractive hinterland of Bar. You will see and get to know a completely different combination of untouched nature and cultural heritage, go through a magnificent forest of chestnuts whose trees are over 1000 years old.

 AVE tours takes you on a panoramic route between two magical shores

The sea and lake shores are connected by a unique Panoramic route. When you get to know the charms of the sea and the lake area, you will see why many, who were passing this way, characterized Bar as a town on two magical shores.

From Bar, via Mrkojević, on the international road leading to Albania, after about 20 kilometers, we turn towards Ostros. We stop at the Stegvash lookout. It is a place from where you can see the sea shore and a unique view of the picturesque landscape of Lake Skadar. If it is a clear day, we can also see neighboring Albania.


Balšić Dynasty, built monasteries on the islands of Skadar Lake

Near Ostros are the remains of the monastery complex Prečista Krajinska, one of the oldest monuments in Montenegro. The monastery was first mentioned in the literary work ‘’Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja’’. In the 11th century, Krajina is mentioned as the capital where the court of Prince Vladimir, the protector of today’s Bar, is located.

The guide of the travel agency AVE tours will tell you one of the most beautiful legends – about the love of Vladimir and Kosara. You will also see the Great Well, which according to tradition, Prince Vladimir built in this waterless area.

Lookout with a picturesque view of Lake Skadar

A special charm on the Panoramic route has the passage through the chestnut forest. In hot summer days, a great atmosphere is the thick shade of a chestnut forest whose trees are over a thousand years old. In this special place, we will please our senses, enjoy the view and taste of homemade wine or juice.
On the Panoramic route, after Stegvaš, we will see several lookouts, in Livari, Murići, and in Godinje. All the lookouts offer an impressive view of the natural beauty, the medieval monasteries on the islands of the Lake Skadar.



Lookout with a picturesque view of Lake Skadar

We visit the village of Godinje, the first protected rural unit in Montenegro with the status of a cultural asset. You will be delighted by the authentic architecture of ‘’house on house’’- a unique chain system of conjoined houses.
You will see where the summer house of the Balšić Dynasty was.

In Godinje, rural household with local wine and food, the AVE tours guide will reveal the customs of this area. For example, how many vine trees a young men had to plant in order to get married, in the time of King Nikola.

After that, we arrive in Virpazar, a town that has a special significance for the history of Montenegro. Today Virpazar is the center of the rich rural area of Crmnica, known for its excellent wine cellars and quality local wine.

Village Godinje, the first protected rural entity in Montenegro with the status of a cultural asset.

Let’s discover together contrasts of Bar, the town on two magic coasts!

Details & Itinerary


1. Group meeting at the agreed location in Bar and panoramic drive to the first lookout (about 60 min).

2. Break at the Stegvas lookout (about 20 min).

3. Arrival in Prečista Krajinska – Ostros coffee break (about 30 min).

4. Through the chestnut forest, the journey continues to the Livari lookout point (about 60 min).

5. Lookout Murici break (about 30 min).

6. Tour of the village of Godinje and picnic in a rural household (2 hours).

7. Virpazar and coffee break (30 min).

8. Return in Bar (about 30 min).

The excursion lasts about 7 hours

Private tours available

Group tours available

Note – The excursion lasts about 7 hours. We start the excursion from Bar at 8 am, the return is around 3 pm. If you are located in some other town – Ulcinj, Budva, Sveti Stefan… AVE tours will organize your arrival in Bar. 

Virpazar, a small place on three bridges

Price information

Private Tour

Check the price list for private tours

1 person        1 x 160€     = 160€
2 persons      2 x   90€      = 180€
3 persons      3 x   85€      = 240€
4 persons      4 x   80€      = 320€
5 persons      5 x   75€      = 375€
6 persons      6 x   70€      = 420€
7 persons      7 x   65€      = 455€

Group Tour

65€ per person

A minimum of 6 people is required for realisation.

Costs included in the price

  • Travel by car, van or bus of high tourist class
  • Service of the licensed guide on the language of the group
  • Lunch in a rural household
  • Parking services and tolls
  • Organizational costs.

The price does not include

  • Individual costs.


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