Albania – one day trip to mystical Shkoder

Discover Albania, a mystical country of contrasts – meet a completely different world in Europe


A city of legends, but also very interesting history, and great food. It is the northernmost city of Albania, Shkoder.

Travel agency AVE tours takes you on a trip to the neighboring country of Albania with many surprises and new knowledge about the country that has been closed for 50 years. On this interesting trip you will find out when Albania opened its borders and why it is becoming more and more interesting for tourists from year to year.

The fact is – until the early 1990s, Albania was under the most repressive communist regime of Enver Hoxha, completely isolated from the rest of the world. After the death of Enver Hoxha, Albania opens its borders, and the land of eagles, the mystical and unknown country attracts the attention of people from all meridians.

Albania has about 3 million inhabitants, a third live in Tirana and about 150,000 in Shkoder.


Shkodra – the second largest city in Albania

The border crossing is Sukobin and is unique in Europe due to the fact that the police and customs of the two countries are located in the same building.

This border crossing has practically no “nobody’s” land. Such was the decision of the EU to donate the construction of the crossing to create stronger connections between the two countries that have been so far apart for years even though they are geographically close.

Testimony of the rule of Enver Hoxha is the bunkers.

Albania has about 750 bunkers more than Montenegro has citizens.

We will see one of those 750,000 as soon as we cross the border.


Bunker u Albaniji

About 750,000 bunkers have been built in Albania.

Pravoslavna crkva -Skadar

Church of the Nativity of Christ

Ebu Bekr mosque

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Shkoder was founded by the Illyrians and throughout history the city has developed under the influence of different cultures and civilizations.

Shkoder shared its fate like most cities in the Balkans – a turbulent history with frequent changes of rulers, from Byzantium, Venice, the Serbian Nemanjic dynasty, and the Ottoman Empire, and for a short time less than a month Shkoder was part of Montenegro.

It is one of the oldest and culturally and economically most important cities in Albania.

During the tour of Shkodra, we will see the Square of Democracy, the Midjeni Theater, three religious buildings in the center of the city, the promenade where east and west met. In the main street is the Museum of Photography – Marubi.

Shkoder is an important industrial and educational center. Shkoder houses the Pedagogical Institute – University, Cultural Center, Association of Writers and Artists, Midjeni Theater, Art Gallery, Historical and Archaeological Museum, and the main library contains 250,000 books.

It is interesting that there are no traffic lights in Shkoder. Traffic is solved by roundabouts…


Muzej fotografije - Marubi

Museum of Photography – Marubi

During the stay in Shkoder, the most beautiful panoramic view extends from the walls of the medieval old town of Rozafa, which is located at an altitude of 130 meters. The view opens towards Montenegro, the city of Shkoder and the largest lake in the Balkans – Skadar Lake. Also, the picturesque landscape is completed by three rivers: Bojana, Drim and Kir.

Rozafa Tvrđava

Rozafa fortress


One of the saddest legends is related to the construction of Shkoder.

For years, mothers without milk have been coming to Shkodra above Bojana to pray in a chapel in the tunnel of a mighty fortress on top of a 130-meter-high rock.
What scientists see as the glistening white calcite oozy through the grey stone blocks for people from Shkoder have been drops of milk from Rozafa’s breasts, alive walled up in the city walls, sacrificed so that the fairies would not destroy it anymore.



Rozafa - legenda

The legend of Rozafa


After the Second Balkan War, by a decision at the London Convention, the great powers returned Shkoder to Albania.

However, every civilization has left its mark on this city. We get to know the spirit of Venice, which once ruled Shkoder, by visiting the Venetian factory of art masks
And how to make carnival masks by hand, we discover in an organized tour of the AVE tours agency.

Entering the exhibition space is going into the world of creation, daydreaming, hinting… an expression of emotions.

Top experts from this factory also made a mask for Tom Cruise for a movie that delighted millions of viewers.

Karnevalska maska

Carnival mask

Meet a new culture, a city where communism and capitalism have merged,
the cradle of the cultural heritage of northern Albania

Details & Itinerary


1. Group meeting at the agreed place. Departure towards the Sukobin border crossing.

2. After crossing the border, take a coffee break.

3. Arrival in Shkoder and tour of the Rozafa fortress.

4. Tour of the urban part of Shkoder.

5. Visit  the Factory of Venetian Masks.

6. Free time.

7. Source of the river Bojana – Skadar Lake.

8. Lunch at a national restaurant.

9. After lunch return to Bar

10. End of trip

The excursion lasts about 10 hours

Private tours available

Group tours available

Note   – we are realizing this trip from Bar and Ulcinj, and for those interested from Sutomore, Petrovac, Sveti Stefan and Budva, a surcharge is needed. For all additional information, contact us – your satisfaction is our goal!

Bogata gastronomska ponuda Albanije

Gastronomic offer of Albania

Price information

Private Tour

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2  persons      2  x     135€    = 270€
3  persons      3  x     100€    = 300€
4  persons      4  x        85€    = 340€
5  persons      5  x        70€    = 350€
6  persons      6  x        60€    = 360€

Group Tour

55€ per person

A minimum of 6 people is required for realisation.

Costs included in the price

  • Travel by car, van or bus of high tourist class
  • A licensed travel guide 
  • Parking services and tolls
  • Organizational costs

The price does not include

  • The entrance for Venice Art Mask Factory ( 3 Eur )
  • The entrance for Rozafa Fortress ( 4 Eur )
  • Lunch
  • Individual costs


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