Tirana and mysterious House of Leaves

Visit Tirana, the capital of Albania, freed after 40 years of captivity, nowadays a modern metropolis that grew up on the grounds of the cruel regime.


European metropolis which had almost completely changed its looks over the past couple of decades and which modern buildings can be easily compared to those of the biggest cities of the world, keep the traces of the most cruel regime in Europe. For 40 years Albania was closed for visitors, but now that its borders are opened Tirana lures tourists with numerous attractions. Tirana is the oldest city of Albania and its capital, home for more than 1 million people which makes a third of the whole country’s population. Albania is the country of contrasts, which one can feel in Tirana as well, where traditional merges with modern. Tirana was founded in year 1614 and became the capital in 1920.

Morning departure from BAR at 7:00 and from ULCINJ at 7:30.

Transfer to Tirana lasts about 3 hours including a 30 minute  stop after passing the border. Upon arrival you will walk around the city center in a company of a local tour guide.

Tirana - the capital of Albania

 Tirana – the capital of Albania

There are plenty of interesting things to see in Tirana, one of which is the main Square decorated by tiles of stone which was procured from all parts of Albania, even from diasporas where live Albanian people.

An exceptional mosaik that is caled „Albanians“ draws one’s attention to the wall of the National Museum which is the biggest building in the Square where also are located the Palace of Culture, Tirana International Hotel, the Clock Tower, Ethem Bey Mosque (the only thing that was left of the Ottoman era’s bazaar square), and the City Council. Close to the big Mother Teresa Square one can find an odd „netted installation in front of the National Art Gallery.

One of the interesting objects is the Pyramid, a reminder of the Enver Hoxha’s regime, that was installed in the end of the 80s after the death of Enver Hoxha.

National History Museum in Tirana

National Historic Museum -Tirana

According to statistic data, in all the Albania there are about 700.000 bunkers built by the communist government that served mainly for imprisonment of the misfits, their interrogation and torture, but also for secret arrangements and hiding.

The guide of the Ave Tours agency will tell you how Hoxha tested the resistance of the bunkers.

Nowadays the most bunkers are abandoned and only some of them located in Tirana were made into museums.

Only 300 meters away from the Skanderbeg statue is located a bunker that was transformed into a museum under the BunkArt project and is dedicated to the Albanian secret service during the time of the communist regime. The labyrinth of tunnels that lead to small rooms awaits you dozen meters underneath the ground.

BunkART 2

BunkArt 2 – museum of terror

Named at first “Objekti Shtylla”, those bunkers were constructed in the 70s by order of Enver Hoxha who was in power for 40 long years. The goal was to hide from a nuclear attack, to carry out secret plans, and to interrogate prisoners.

After the mystical “underworld” of Tirana AVE Tours agency recommend you to visit a green oasis in the heart of the metropolis – The Grand Park of Tirana, a perfect place for a break in the green.

The headquarters of the religious Islamic Sufi Bektashi Order was also located in Tirana, and in 2001 has been completed the construction of the biggest church of the city – the catholic cathedral of St.Pavel.

In the very center of the city is located a national historical museum – the mysterious House of Leaves which tells its visitors about the secret surveillance service of Enver Hoxha – SIGURIMI.

Tirana is the city with a plenty of parks and botanical gardens, and in your free time we recommend you to take a walk by the local lake. The program also includes time for shopping in the TEG shopping center.

The House of Leaves – once the headquarters of the infamous Sigurimi

 The House of Leaves – once the headquarters of the infamous Sigurimi

Visit the largest investment in the Balkans – a city that is rushing headlong to compensate for almost 50 years of isolation and reach the level of other capitals of Europe

Details & Itinerary


1. Group meeting in front of the Topolica sports hall at 7:00 a.m.

2. After crossing the border, a coffee break in front of Shkodër.

3. Tour of Tirana with a licensed tourist guide.

4. Optional tour of the House of Leaves museum.

5. Free time

6. Lunch – recommendation of national restaurants in Tirana

7. Organized trip to the TEG shopping center.

8. Return to Montenegro.

The excursion lasts about 12 hours

Private tours are not available

Group tours available


Note – this excursion is carried out from Bar and Ulcinj, and for those interested from other cities, an additional payment is required. For any additional information, contact us – your satisfaction is our goal!

A minimum of 40 passengers is required for the excursion!

Ortodox Church Albania

Ortodox church in Tirana

Price information

Private Tour

Check the price list for private tours

Private tours are not available

Group Tour

from 30€ per person

A minimum of 40 people is required for the excursion.

Costs included in the price

  • Transportation by tourist class bus
  • Companion from Agency
  • City sightseeing
  • Licensed guide in Tirana
  • Organizational costs

The price does not include

  • Entrance ticket to the House of Leaves museum (6 Eur)
  • Lunch
  • Individual costs



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