Mini Montenegro tour: Kotor, Cetinje

Mini Montenegro tour – Get to know the history, discover the mystery of the letter M on serpentines


If you want to experience Montenegro in one day – Mini Montenegro tour is the choice for you. On a day trip, we will connect a tour of the splendid town of Kotor, once a trading center that experienced its greatest blossom in the time of Venice and Cetinje, the old capital of Montenegro, where the ruler of the Dynasty – Petrović Njegoš used to sit. Two ancient cities, significant for the history of Montenegro, connect the old Austro-Hungarian road, a unique infrastructure attraction. This route crosses an altitude difference of approximately 900 meters. In the historic village of Njeguši, a hidden gem in the heart of Montenegro, you will not resist the gastronomic offer of traditional products, the Montenegrin brand – Njeguš prosciutto and Njeguš cheese.

Amazing  view on Bay of Kotor

Budva, metropolis of montenegrin tourism

Budva, metropolis of montenegrin tourism

Group meeting at the agreed location, in Bar from where we head towards Kotor. On the way to Kotor, we take a photo break at Sveti Stefan – one of the most luxurious resorts in Montenegro, a town-hotel unique in the Mediterranean. We pass part of the Budva Riviera and Budva, and our guides will tell you why Budva is the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism. We will have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful beaches of the Montenegrin coast. Jaz Beach became world famous after concerts of popular rock stars – Mick Jagger, Madonna…

We cannot miss a visit to the town of Kotor. It is under the protection of UNESCO. St. Tryphon, whose cathedral is older than the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican and the Virgin Mary Church of Notterdam in Paris, adorn Kotor’s largest town square. Buća Palace, Pima Palace, Drago Palace are some of the preserved noble palaces where we recognize elements of the Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque.

We continue our journey towards Cetinje along the winding Austro-Hungarian road. On the 25th serpentine we make a photo break for your top photo from Montenegro. There was a cable car on this section during World War I supplying the Austro-Hungarian army with arms and food.

Narrow streets of Kotor

Discover the narrow streets of Town Kotor

The combination of Mediterranean and continental climate at the foot of Lovcen in the village of Njeguši creates a rose of winds that gives ideal conditions for drying of Njeguš prosciutto, the famous Montenegrin brand.

The gourmets say – the ham is cut thinly so that the top of Lovćen can be seen. It is not for eating, it is for tasting and enjoying… AVE tours takes you to taste the prosciutto. At Njeguši we will find out how to make Njeguš prosciutto and cheese, which many hotels have included in their national gastronomic offer. After tasting the Njeguš specialties, we continue our journey towards Cetinje.

Njeguš prosciutto and Njeguš cheese

We arrive in the old capital of Montenegro – Cetinje. Ivan Crnojevic founded Cetinje in the 15th century. Cetinje represents a spiritual and cultural center – an open-air museum.
From Cetinje, Montenegro was ruled by the Petrović-Njegoš dynasty for a continuous of 220 years.
It experienced its flourishing after the Berlin Congress in 1878 when Montenegro gained its independence, upon liberation from the Turks.
At the beginning of the 20th century, as many as 11 European missions were built in Cetinje. You will find an interesting story about constructions of a French mission from the AVE tours guide.

 The castle of King Nikola, the residence of the last Montenegrin king

Bishop Danilo’s mausoleum The Eagle’s Rock, the relics of Sv. Petar Cetinjski in the Cetinje Monastery, The Church in Ćipur, where the royal couple King Nikola and Queen Milena and their two daughters rest, give Cetinje the seal of a holy place.

Montenegrins will tell you – Who was not in Cetinje, as if he had not been to Montenegro. 
After visiting Cetinje with a licensed guide from the agency AVE tours and leisure, we take you to a national restaurant. After lunch we return to the coast.
The right hand of St. John the Baptist and numerous relics are kept in the Cetinje Monastery

The right hand of St. John the Baptist and numerous relics are kept in the Cetinje Monastery

Take a Mini Montenegro tour, get to know the rich history of the smallest Balkan country and discover the mystery of the letter M on the serpentines that lead from Kotor to Cetinje. Find out why Montenegrins say: “Who has not been in Cetinje has not been in Montenegro! “

Details & Itinerary


1. Group meeting at the agreed location, at 7:00 AM, departure for Kotor.

2. Photo break at Sveti Stefan (10 min).

3. Arrival to Kotor, sightseeing of the city.

4. Departure for Cetinje.

5. Photo break on 25th Lovćen serpentine.

6. Njeguši village and tasting of national gastronomic brands.

7. Continuing the journey to Cetinje.

8. Tour of Cetinje with guide.

9. Free time.

10. National restaurant – lunch (optional).

11. Return to Bar via Budva.

12. Arrival in Bar, end of the journey.

The excursion lasts about 8 hours

Private tours available

Group tours available

Note – The excursion is realized from Ulcinj, Sutomore, Petrovac, Sveti Stefan… depending on where the tourists are located.For any additional information, contact us – your satisfaction is our goal. 

The right hand of St. John the Baptist and numerous relics are kept in the Cetinje Monastery

Photo break on St. Stefan

Price information

Private Tour

Check the price list for private tours

2  persons    2  x  105€    = 210€
3  persons    3  x     85€    = 255€
4  persons    4  x     75€    = 300€
5  persons    5  x     70€    = 350€
6  persons    6  x     65€    = 390€

Group Tour

50€ per person

A minimum of 6 people is required for realisation.

Costs included in the price
  • Travel by car, van or bus of high tourist class
  • A licensed travel guide in the language of the group
  • Tasting of domestic specialties
  • Excursion tax for Cetinje
  • Excursion tax for Kotor
  • Parking services and tolls
  • Organizational costs
The price does not include
  • Food and drink on the excursion
  • Individual costs


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