Wine tasting Montenegro

Wine Tasting Tour in Godinje in 130+ years old winery!

Experience a village Godinje with a tasting of excellent wine!


Through the new tourist offer of the AVE tours agency – AGRO TOURISM, you will get to know a different Montenegro.

In Montenegrin villages, get to know the customs and traditions of the past time that have been transmitted from generation to generation.  

We take you to Montenegrin villages!

Villages that are very close in space, but in appearance, content, customs and their offer are many different… What is common for all Montenegrin villages – the hosts greet the guests as they are part of the family, with refreshments and a kind words.

That is a traditional Montenegrin hospitality!


Montenegrin welcome

Since the truth is in the wine, the first offer is WINE TASTING IN THE CRMNICA VILLAGE GODINJE.

The village of Godinje is the first protected rural entity in Montenegro with the status of a cultural asset. Whoever goes once, sees, experiences the ambience in the village of Godinje, gladly returns.

You will rarely find such a small village with such a wide offer – from historical buildings, legends, cultivating customs, excellent wine cellars, sources of drinking water, local food …

All this with a warm welcome from young people who see their future in rural tourism.

Hram Svetog Jovana Vladimira u Baru

Story telling about Godinje

It is most desirable to go to the wine tasting in Godinje in the afternoon. From the Montenegrin coast, we are heading towards Virpazar. (Godinje is  about 30 kilometers away from Bar.)

After less than an hour of driving, we take our first photo break at the lookout of the Godinje. From this lookout point, there is a beautiful view of the Skadar Lake National Park. Then go to the old village of Godinje, which has a history of more than 1,000 years.

In the Crmnica village of Godinje, top-quality wine has been produced for generations, from the Vranac variety. Tourists from all over the world, who come from early spring to late autumn, have already been convinced of this. Our host is Miško Leković. In a nice manner, Miško always waits for the guests at the village “guvno” in Godinje and tells the story of the origin of the village and its contents.

The Tourist Guide in Old Town Bar

A beautiful view on Skadar lake from “guvno” in Godinje

In the heart of the village is the house and wine cellar of Miško Leković. He is the 13th generation of the Leković family from the village of Godinja. His ancestors were born in a house that in recent years is a place where tourists enjoy.

During the tour of the cellar, the host will tell the tourists about the process of production and storage of local wine.

The complete story and offer have the warmth of family relaxation.

White, pink and red wine is tasted in the cellar of Miško Leković.

Miško will have all the answers to your questions, as that is his profession and big passion.

Along with excellent wine, the hosts serve local specialities – prosciutto, cheese, homemade vegetables, various salads, homemade bread and excellent fish soup made from fish from Skadar Lake.

The tasting lasts less than two hours.

After the tasting with Ave tours guide, we visit the unique village with authentic architecture “house to house”, and tourists will see where the summer house of the Balšić dynasty was.

Wine Tasting

Wine and food tasting in Godinje vilagge

Wine Tours Montenegro

Guests are served homemade food

An unforgettable experience of a Montenegrin village that has a tradition with top wines and excellent food

Details & Itinerary


1. Meeting of the group at the agreed location, departure to the Lake Skadar National Park.

2. Photo break at the lookout point with views of Skadar Lake (10 min).

3. Arrival in Godinje.

4. Welcome of the hosts and introduction to the tradition of growing vines in Godinje.

5. A tour of the Leković family cellar.

6. Tasting of 3 different types of wine with homemade food.

7. A tour of the picturesque Godinje.

8. On the way back to Bar, a coffee break in Virpazar.

9. Arrival in Bar. End of journey.

The excursion lasts about 6 hours

Private tours availabe

Group tours available

Three types of wine are tasted

Price information

Private Tour

Check the price list for private tours

2 persons       2  x  60€      = 120€
3 persons       3  x  65€      = 195€
4 persons       4  x  55€      = 220€
5 persons       5  x  50€      = 250€
6 persons       6  x  45€      = 270€
7 persons       7  x  40€      = 280€

Group Tour

€55 per person

A minimum of 6 people is required for realisation.

Costs included in the price

  • Travel by car, van or bus of high tourist class
  • Wine tasting and food
  • Parking services and tolls
  • Organizational costs

The price does not include

  • Individual costs


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