In the TOP 10 places in Montenegro that are on the list of excursion programs is Lipa Cave, the only valorized and trained cave in the smallest country of the Balkans. Lipa Cave should be visited because one can experience the creative power of nature, which formed the cave jewellery’s original forms.

The Lipa Cave is located in the village of Lipa Dobrska, 5 km from the center of Cetinje, the Old Capital of Montenegro. The underground world created by nature over millennia can be reached from the direction of Cetinje, on the main road towards Podgorica. The first in a series of delights is the view from the Belvedere viewpoint of the Skadar Lake National Park.

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Lipa Cave is in the TOP 10 places to visit in Montenegro

After buying the ticket, you take the train down to the entrance where the tour starts together with a friendly guide. The adventure continues with the arrival at Lipa Cave, a marvellous gallery of underground halls, of exceptional speleological value. The cave was formed by the action of underground water and the halls attract the most attention, the variety of decorations, and their shapes and colours will not leave any visitor indifferent.

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Lipa Cave – a wonderful gallery of underground halls

The most beautiful stalactites in the cave can be seen in Njegoš’s hall. In the Lipa Cave, stalactites and stalagmites have been merging for thousands of years and together form an inseparable whole that speleologists call a stalagnate. Underground watercourses and springs increase the natural beauty of the Lipa Cave and make it even more attractive.

The temperature in the cave throughout the year is between 8 – 12 degrees Celsius – which is  a real refreshment for the summer heat.

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The Lipa Cave is also rich in stalagnites – stalagmites and stalactites joined over thousands of years

To date, as many as 2,500 meters of the canal have been explored. Amost 600 meters of the path that can be visited as part of the Basic Cave Tour (60 minutes), which is one of the two official tours offered by the Lipa Cave, has been completed. As in most adventure sites, this one has a section for those who want to know and discover more.

Namely, the Adventure Tour involves entering the cave with a rope through one of the entrances of a depth of almost 25 m and walking through untouched nature while getting to know what the cave spirit really is.

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Lipa Cave – A unique experience of the underground world

The Lipa Cave is one of the oldest explored caves in Montenegro, which offers a charming variety of karst features and provides a unique experience of the underground world. In support of the authenticity of Lipa Cave, not only its wild beauty, which makes it unforgettable but also its historical significance speaks for itself.

In the past, the cave was a source of water for the inhabitants of Dobrski village. Locals remember that their ancestors used the cave to supply drinking water since ancient times. They bequeathed the names of the springs: Ikona ( Icon), Blizanci ( Twins ), Drobovi ( Bowels ), Jezik ( Language ) and many others. In addition,  it has attracted interest for centuries with its beauty and diversity.

Investigations of the cave itself and records about it date from the 19th century, which was ordered by bishop Petar II Petrović Njegoš. Later, King Nicholas received officials from abroad in Lipa .Cave

Otherwise, the date of publication of the first official record about the cave in 1839, when the English archaeologist Henri Lejard visited it and left a written report on the wealth of its decorations, is taken as relevant information. Later, in 1887, the Russian scientist Pavle Rovinski also wrote about the cave, testifying to the preciousness of the decorations and the unforgettable experience that the cave leaves on visitors. One of the researchers was Eduard Alfred Martel, the founder of modern speleology in 1894.

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The Lipa Cave – testimony to the creative power of nature, delights many tourists

In the first speleological facility in Montenegro that has been valorized for tourist purposes, the first tour lasts about one hour.
Photography is allowed, but not the use of flash.

Why you should visit Lipa Cave – Because of the special opportunity to experience the creative power of nature, which formed the original forms of cave jewellery.

The Lipa Cave was officially opened on July 13, 2015, and until today it has been visited by tens of thousands of tourists who share their enthusiasm on social networks and recommend it to their friends – during your stay in Montenegro, be sure to take a tour through the Lipa Cave.

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