Old towns and healing beaches: Bar and Ulcinj

Tour where we discover: Old Town Bar, Old Olive Tree, Old Town Ulcinj and Healing beaches!


What are the two ancient towns, Bar and Ulcinj hiding? What does the Old Olive Tree testify to be the only natural monument in the region?

 On a route through the past with interesting stories, legends, rich history, we will bring you closer to life in this region 2,000 years ago. In the Old Town of Bar, where East and West merged, there are the remains of all civilizations except Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today, the Old Bar is the largest open-air museum and it is on the UNESCO list.

A visit to the Old Town of Ulcinj will reveal who were the pirates of Ulcinj and why the monument to famous Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes is located in this town. The Ulcinj Riviera has healing beaches, and one of them is Women’s Beach, with its sources of sulfuric water in the sea.

Old Town Bar, an open-air museum on the UNESCO list

Bar is the only town whose Old Town is not located on the coast but at the foothill of the Rumija Mountain (about 5 km from the coast). The Old Town of Bar extends over four hectares, with its 250 public, profane, sacral, and military edifices. Multiplying this with 2,800 years of proven material culture, there is no doubt, this is one of the largest archeological sites in Europe.

 In addition to many interesting things, the Ave-tours tour guide will tell you why the Old Town is called Montenegrin Pompeii.

Many legends are associated with The Old Olive tree, and Old Lady, as locals call it, if she could speak, it would be a story over 2000 years old, a story that still lasts… It is a symbol of peace and of the town of Bar. It has been under state protection since 1957.

More than 2200 Years Old Olive Tree, one of the oldest trees in the world.

More than 2200 Years Old Olive Tree, one of the oldest trees in the world. 

From The Old Olive Tree the road to Ulcinj takes us through one of the most beautiful olive groves of the Montenegrin coast – Valdanos, where we will take a photo break. Are lighthouse keepers still needed, you will find out on this route as we take a break at the lookout point with a view of the oldest lighthouse in Montenegro, Mendra.

The Old Town of Ulcinj is one of the oldest towns on the Montenegrin coast. It is considered to have originated in the time of Illyri, B.C., as evidenced by the Cyclops walls of that time. Ulcinj experienced the greatest prosperity from the 12th to the 15th centuries, especially under the influence of Venice. In 1571, the Turks conquer Ulcinj, and Islam becomes the dominant religion, and the town gets an oriental appearance.

Lookout above Valdanos

Legend says that people were selling slaves in Ulcinj. You will find out at the “Slave Square” from our guide who arrived in this small town among the slaves.

The Ulcinj Riviera has great tourist potential. The preserved Old Town of rich history, the sandy 13 km long sandy beach, Ada Bojana, Solana which is a habitat for rare birds… In the most southern Montenegrin town is a healing women’s beach with sources of sulfuric water in the sea.

Women's beach where sulfur water springs

Women’s beach where sulfur water springs

A route where we explore the past, with interesting legends and we enjoy the benefits of healing beaches! Dear ladies, give yourself the unique treatment and visit the Women’s Beach.

Details & Itinerary


1. Group meeting at the agreed location at the beginning of the Bar promenade. Panoramic sightseeing of the modern part of the town and departure to the Old town of Bar (approx. 30 min).

2. Tour around the Old Town Bar (1 hour).

3. Visit to the Old Olive Tree, one of the oldest in Europe (approx. 15 min).

4. Continuation of the journey to Ulcinj, photo break on the road to Valdanos (30 min).

5. Tour around the Old Town of Ulcinj and Museum (1 hour).

6. Free time, possibility of going to the beach.

7. Enjoying the benefits of healing beach – Women’s Beach. (1.5 hour).

8. Return to Bar and end of the journey.

The excursion lasts about 7 hours

Private tours availabe

Group tours available

Ulcinj, the town of three Helens, the town that erected the monument to Cervantes

Price information

Private Tour

Check the price list for private tours

1 person       1 x 100€     = 100€
2 persons     2 x    55€     = 110€
3 persons     3 x    45€     = 135€
4 persons     4 x    40€     = 160€
5 persons     5 x    35€     = 175€
6 persons     6 x    33€     = 198€
7 persons     7 x    30€     = 210€

Group Tour

30€ per person

A minimum of 6 participants is required to complete the trip.

Costs included in the price

  • Travel by car, van or bus of high tourist class
  • A licensed travel guide in the language of the group
  • Entrances for Old Town and Old Olive Tree and Museum in Ulcinj
  • Parking services and tolls
  • Organizational costs

The price does not include

  • Food and drink on the excursion
  • Individual costs

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