What is it that makes the Lipovac winery special, the most unique winery in Montenegro and the region, and even in the world?

Wine production in clay amphorae, the oldest wine pottery, the first sparkling wine of the Vranac variety…

The first view from Lipovac hill on a landscaped vineyard – gives the answer. It was created by a love of viticulture, knowledge of the profession, and the imagination of a true wine lover. Every next step is a new discovery, delight, and enjoyment. In words and pictures through the Lipovac Winery.

Panoramic view on Knjaz Lipovac winery AVE Tours

Panoramic view on Lipovac winery

Winery Lipovac through photos and words

Between Crmnica and Rijeka territorial units, in the village of Građani, there is the most contemporary winery in Montenegro. The wines from this winery reached Japan, ‘’conquered’’ London, Paris at prestigious international competitions and were awarded trophies in the country of champagne. In the heart of Montenegro, wine is made by methods that are several thousand years old. The Alazani Valley in Georgia is considered the home of viticulture and winemaking, and this way of wine production is on the list of intangible world heritage under the protection of UNESCO. The Lipovac winery has applied the old, Georgian method of making wine in Montenegro, opening a new page in the history of Montenegrin winemaking.

The Lipovac winery is unique in the region in terms of the production and aging of wine in clay amphorae.

Clay amphorae used for making wine

Clay amphorae used for making wine

During the production, the clay is baked at a temperature of 1.100 degrees Celsius so that it would not be porous. Amphora favorably affects the quality of the wine. The wine is kept in amphorae for 10 months and gets a special and great minerality, which is different from other wine production and aging processes.

Every part of the winery is done meaningfully. What cannot be seen in any winery in the region are the Georgian underground handmade amphorae. This is a specialty of the Lipovac winery. They arrived in Montenegro from Georgia. The capacity is about 1.100 litres, and their depth is about two metres.

An interesting fact – they are placed in the holes with a large crane. For about 30 days, the amphorae themselves ‘’search’’ for the position until they are adjusted. After that, they are being concreted.

Georgian method of producing winre in underground amphorae

Georgian method of producing wine in underground amphorae

The wine produced by the Georgian method first goes into underground amphorae, the fermentation process takes 40-50 days, followed by the processing of the skin, and is then poured into clay amphorae where it is aged for about 10 months.

The capacity of these amphorae is about 850 litres, and smaller ones about 450 litres. After 10 months of aging, clarification follows, the wine is poured into stainless steel tanks for stabilization where it is ‘’left’’ to the assessment of technologists. When all the analyses are done, the wine is ready for bottling.

Vinarija Knjaz Lipovac, produces sparkling wine out of Vranac grape, which makes this winery unique in the world

Vinarija Lipovac, produces sparkling wine out of Vranac grape, which makes this winery unique in the world

The first wine in this winery was produced in 2014. Since then, the vineyards have expanded and production capacities have increased. The winery is located on a hill called Lipovčev brijeg. Prince Lipovac (Jovan Popović), one of the most decorated Montenegrin heroes, once lived here.

There are 10.500 vines in the vineyards, and 31.000 vines in Zagarač, which is a total of over 41.000 vines. There are white varieties on the vineyard in Građani, and red varieties in Zagarač.

The garden of Knjaz Lipovac winery

The winery Lipovac produces wine out of different grape varieties

About one kilogram to 1.5 kg of grapes remain on one vine, which affects the quality of the wine. The quality of grapes is important for wine production, and in the Lipovac winery they emphasize that the knowledge and assessments of technologists are important, as well as the equipment at their disposal. Young wine is easy to make, but you need to know how to prepare wine so that it can be stored for 10-15 years and longer with the production of wine from an amphora.

Wines from Italian amphorae are certainly an indispensable part of production at the Lipovac winery. Barik barrels made of French oak, located in an underground tunnel eight meters under a vineyard, 156 m long, give you the impression of Bordeaux in small Montenegro.

Underground wine storage

Wine producing in Lipovac winery has started from hobby, but today it creates the history of winery in Montenegro

This year will be special in the Lipovac winery. The first sparkling wine from the Vranac variety was produced in the Lipovac winery. Unique in the world for pink champagne. We are exclusively announcing the premiere of champagne ‘’Genius’’, which was ‘’born’’ in the winery Knjaz Lipovac.

Everything happens for a reason – the vineyard was created at the place where Jovan Popović was born – Prince Lipovac, adjutant of King Nikola, general of the Russian army, poet, travel writer, and translator. Japanese newspapers also wrote about his heroism, especially the English ‘’Daily News’’ and ‘’Herald’’. His chest represented heroic exhibition with 33 orders of war decorations.

Stories about this special place, wine production by the oldest method, in a gentle Montenegrin ambiance with Georgian motifs, and tasting of seven types of wine are a unique experience for all the senses.

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