We discover canyons in the undiscovered nature of the hinterland of Bar.

These are the hidden gems of the mountain Rumija, which with its massif separates the hinterland of the Adriatic Sea from the largest lake in the Balkans. Only five or six kilometers from the coast are picturesque canyons – masterpieces. Only nature can so skillfully incorporate in the steep cliffs that wild beauty, the opposites that give perfect harmony to the hidden space.

We go to the canyons with AVE tours

Bar is a unique town on the Adriatic coast, which has five canyons in its hinterland: Bunar, Međureč, Vruća Rijeka, Nikezića stream, Perin stream. Each impressive in its own way. It is a rarity even for continental, mountain towns.

Mountain rivers have been grinding canyons for centuries in a relentless battle of water and rock.

Five canyons 15 minutes from the Bar Riviera

Until a few years ago, few people knew the natural beauty hidden in the hinterland of town Bar. Not so many people enjoyed adrenaline tours with experienced guides. All these water and rock obstacles are a true challenge. Canyoning is a real adventurous discipline which, in addition to hiking, jumping and swimming, also includes descending the rope. The beauty of the canyon attracts more and more tourists, and we will convince you why it is like that.

Canyon BUNAR for your first canyoning


Getting to the Bunar canyon is very easy. Right next to the main entrance of the Old Town of Bar, a narrow local road leads to the Menka Bridge, under which you enter the river. Before entering the canyon, the group puts on specialized equipment. From the start, the route is a little more than 700 meters long, to Brbot. In order to overcome five attractive waterfalls up to 12 meters high, cliffs… in the Bunar canyon, the assistance of experienced guides is necessary.

There are almost no choices in the canyon. We follow the whim of the river, which is mastered only the way recommended by the guide. Do not enter the canyon without a guide.

Canyon Rikavac

The ease of movement of the guides, their composure, persuasiveness give quick confidence and fear of heights, the unknown turns into the desired adrenaline. It is a great pleasure when a person overcomes the whims of nature and feels a special charm that is understood only by those who experience canyoning.

Bunar Canyon is ideal for the first canyoning, because it is not very demanding, so it can be passed by both children and the elderly. All you need for the Bunar canyon is willingness, no special physical preparation. Passing through the Bunar canyon is a great adrenaline tour, which evokes all the charm of canyoning.

Canyoning – full of adrenaline adventure


Bunar Canyon is a “training center” for the Medjurec Canyon. Fans of canyoning compare Medjureč canyon to the Nevidio canyon in the north of Montenegro, one of the most beautiful canyons in Europe. Many, on the other hand, say that Medjurec is the precious pearl, because of its numerous verticals, cliffs, pools, lush vegetation.

When you reach the village of Medjurec along the narrow road that leads across Dobra Voda to Shkodra (Albania), do not miss the break at the lookout. Medjureč Canyon is located on the southern slopes of Mount Rumija, about 15 kilometers from the Adriatic coast. It is recommended for experienced canyonists.

Medjurec Canyon has a dozen verticals from five to 30 meters high

Medjurec Canyon has a dozen verticals from five to 30 meters. It is about two kilometers long, has large amounts of water even in the summer months, more beautiful verticals and pools, lush nature… that is why this canyon is one of the top ‘’canyoning’’ destinations in Montenegro.

Medjurec Canyon is one of the most beautiful in Europe

A fifteen-minute drive from the beach, enjoy a mountain adventure. In one day you can swim on the Bar Riviera and experience a unique “adrenaline tour” in the canyons of Mount Rumija.

Canyon Bunar

For lovers of active holidays,

the top offer is canyoning in the massifs of Rumija.

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