Guide for holiday on the Bar Riviera.


What do you definitely need to see and experience in Bar?

Bar Riviera is one of the few destinations where you can spend a longer vacation without having the same day twice. Sea, mountains, canyons, picturesque olive groves, lake, rich cultural heritage, excellent local food, many Festivals…

What makes it special are two shores – the sea and the lake shore. Let’s discover the beauties between the Two Magic Shores.

The tourist offer of the Bar Riviera is characterized by diversity. It is a destination of all generations.


Bar riviera – a destination of all generations

Beaches of the Bar Riviera

For many, beaches are main association for vacation on the sea.


The Bar Riviera has about 20 beaches created by nature, whose names it has defined itself, from the red to the gold coast… There are many hidden, small beaches that are waiting to be discovered. Visit the modern beaches with attractive beach bars, made for enjoying the charms of the long blue summer.

End the day with the most picturesque sunsets on one of the beautiful beaches of the Bar Riviera.

Satisfied, eagerly await tomorrow for a new adventure.



Why the old town of Bar is called Montenegrin Pompeii?

Few localities on the Bar Riviera record a constant increase in the number of tourists as the Old Town, below mountain Rumija. This is not without reason because it is the largest open-air museum on the Adriatic, which is on the waiting list for enrolment in UNESCO.


Old town Bar – Montenegrin Pompeii

The old town of Bar is probably the only area in Europe, on whose 4 h surface, about five kilometers from the coast, all civilizations have changed except Austro-Hungarian. These civilizations have left their traces that we can still see in Montenegrin Pompeii.

The curiosity is that exactly in the Old Town of Bar, the West has opened its doors to the East.  Exploring the hidden treasures of the Old Town is the recommendation of the tourist representatives of Bar. In the vast of interesting stories, from the guide of the travel agency AVE tours you will find out why the liberation of the Old Town conditioned the birth of the new Bar.



What is made from the fruit that olive in the third millennium bear?


The olive is a symbol of Bar. People from Bar are proud of the Old Olive.


Old Olive Tree – monument of nature

The only natural monument in the region is the Old Olive, which testifies to life in our area for over 2,240 years. The old olive tree is located in Mirovica, whose name has its root in the symbolic of an eternal tree. It is especially interesting that the Old Olive gives fruit in the third millennium, and its fruits are used to make oil packed in an original souvenir.

If you are romantic, planning a marriage, you can perform one of the most beautiful life rituals under the Old Olive tree.


It is a rarity – a coastal town with five canyons!

Which Mediterranean town has five canyons?


It is not a million dollar question, but a coastal town with five canyons is a rarity. It is rare even for continental cities.


A unique coastal town with 5 canyons

The uniqueness of town Bar is reflected in the fact that it has five canyons that are ideal for active holidays for tourists eager for adrenaline and untouched nature. With experienced guides, we go on a canyon discovery adventure.

 The canyons are hidden gems of Mount Rumija, which with its massif separate the hinterland of the Adriatic Sea from the largest lake in the Balkans, Skadar Lake.

The offer of active tourism in the vicinity of Bar includes the canyons of the rivers Rikavac, Međureč, Vruća Rijeka, as well as the canyons of Nikezića potok and Perin potok.


Are you ready for hiking in untouched nature?


In the hinterland of the Bar Riviera there are 16 mountain trails, with a total length of over 100 km. Enthusiasts of hiking will have an unforgettable connection with the nature of the mountains of Rumija, Sutorman…


In the hinterland of Bar there are 16 marked mountain trails

Staying in Bar allows you to start hiking, and get to know the charm of this type of active vacation

In addition to more demanding mountain tours, we also organise hiking tours through olive groves which everyone can easily master, from 7 to 77 years. Near the old town of Bar is the Džidžarin olive grove, which has about 10,000 olive trees, of which over 1,000 are more than 1,000 years old.


Bar- Town on two magical shores


It is difficult to simplify the complete offer of the Bar Riviera because there are inexhaustible sources of beauty and contrast in which Skadar Lake National Park has a special place. Town Bar has two shores – sea and lake shore.


Bar – Town on two magical shores

The Bar Riviera has 46 km of sea and 64 km of lake shore to which belongs the island part where there are monasteries from the Middle Ages – Beška, Starčevo, Moračnik….


When you take the Panoramic Route, which connects two magical shores – the sea and the lake, in Ostros are the remains of the monastery Prečista krajinska. It is one of the oldest cultural monuments in this area, which is associated with the name of St. John Vladimir, the patron saint of the town of Bar.


Skadar Lake – likable, but different through the seasons


Skadar Lake National Park is an inexhaustible treasure of Bar, Montenegro.
Many will say – I have been to Skadar Lake. You have, but you haven’t seen everything!!!
No matter how many times you return to Skadar Lake, you will see that – When nature gives, it gives selflessly.


Skadar lake

Skadar Lake is an oasis of natural beauty, rich flora and fauna and cultural and historical monuments. On Lake Skadar you will get to know the harmony of life of rare species of birds, such as pelicans and cormorants. In addition to enjoying the fairy-tale fields of water lilies, you can try the edible cassowary plant only on Lake Skadar. You will find out what rain means for this aquatic plant…


Rich flora of Skadar lake

A lot of interesting things await you on Skadar Lake, which is different throughout the seasons. You will love both the island and the swampy part of Skadar Lake. Skadar Lake has its charm whether you are cruising, kayaking, swimming, enjoying excellent local food… Whoever comes to Skadar Lake for the first time, wants to come back.
For lovers of untouched nature, this is an oasis of peace, a paradise for enjoyment and relaxation.


Wine roads


In the hinterland of town Bar, there are excellent wineries and the well-known Vranac from Crmnica, which will complete the gastronomic atmosphere of local cuisine specialties.


National Park Skadar lake

Around Skadar Lake, vines have grown since the 2nd century. The first regulations in the production of grapes and wine were adopted during the reign of King Nikola, in the second half of the 19th century. The law at that time required from every groom, who was from a wine-growing area, to grow a certain number grapevine in order to get married.


Godinje – the cradle of Vranac

Which Crmnica village is the cradle of Vranac?


We are proud to suggest you to visit the Crmnica village of Godinje, the first protected rural unit in Montenegro with the status of a cultural asset that is authentic in terms of specific architecture “house to house”. It will be interesting when the tourist guide tells you why in the past they decided on this type of construction and what connects these facilities…


The village of Godinje – the first protected rural area

Along the wine roads we visit the village of Limljane, which is entered in the Guinness Book of Records. True, not because of the wine, but five train stations from the time of so-called train Ćiro. While listening to interesting stories, you will enjoy top quality wine from the excellent wineries of this village.


Bar – the town of festivals


In addition to natural and cultural facilities, Bar Riviera has a tradition of tourist and agricultural festivals: Maslinijada (Olive Festival), Wine and Bleak Festival, Grape Harvest Festival…

Experience the atmosphere at festivals – good fun, local products, tradition…


Festivals in Bar – a combination of tradition and good atmosphere

Find out and try all the culinary specialties prepared by hard-working housewives from olives, what is made of grapes besides wine and brandy. Satisfy all the senses at festivals in Bar.


The charms of the Bar Riviera through the seasons


The sun-drenched Bar waterfront, the smell of the sea and pine trees, is the reason why you are already thinking about an extended weekend, or a longer vacation in Bar where you will choose which of the six tourist places you want to rest. Čanj, Sutomore, Šušanj, Bar, Dobra Voda, Utjeha are places that are waiting for you, with accommodation capacities of different categories and very competitive prices. You can choose from private, apartment, four star hotel accommodation.

Do not neglect – winter, spring and autumn, all of them have their charms at sea, and the Bar Riviera has offer for all seasons.


AVE tours – Discover Montenegro

Tourist agency Ave Tours offers new, wide range of touristic services, including agro tourism, active tours, creative tourism, esthetic and sport, healthy tourism.


With a warm welcome we recommend you to spend your vacation in Bar.



Bar Riviera – a destination of all generations!!!

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