Full day through Montenegro

Full day tour – Visit the historic towns of Kotor, Cetinje and the Skadar Lake National Park


Visit the ancient capital of Montenegro: Cetinje; the picturesque Skadar Lake National Park and the UNESCO heritage town of Kotor.

At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, Cetinje was the home of 11 foreign embassies and many consular representatives also lived here.

Visit this important cultural and historical town that makes Montenegrins proud to say: “ You haven’t been to Montenegro unless you’ve visited Cetinje ”. It is situated in the foothills of the magnific Mount Lovcen.

Cetinje Monastery

We will start our day taking the winding road that connects two most important towns in Montenegro, Kotor, and Cetinje. Kotor was an important center of commerce and trade, and Cetinje was the center of Montenegrin religious and spiritual life.

View of the Bay of Kotor, after a thrilling drive of 25 switchbacks up the mountain. We will take a break while admiring this beautiful view.

Take the most beautiful photo from your vacation in Montenegro!!!


The road will take us the village of Njegus, known for the traditionaly made prosciutto, called Njegus, as well as the legendary Njegus cheese. We will visit the birth home of the ruler  of Montenegro Petar Petrovic Njegos.

Cetinje is the ancient capital of Montenegro. In the past 220 years, 7 different rulers from the Petrovic Dynasty have ruled the county. The town itself is an open museum. Your guide will tell you ancient stories and you will find out why Ivan Crnojevic decided to establish the town and the Cetinje Monastery.

A view on Bay of Kotor

During our visit to Cetinje we will visit the Pavlova strana (Pavlov’s hill) lookout, from where you will see the iconic view of the National Park Skadar Lake. Dont forget your camera, as this is the place from where the most beautiful photos of this unique natural site are taken.

We will soon arrive to the picturesque village “The River Crnojevic”, one of the most beautiful places of National Park Skadar Lake.

Once upon the time well known place for trade and commerce. Also an important port for boats from lake Skadar. This is the place where the first printing press in Montenegro printed the first newspaper in the country. One of the most recognized monuments was the Danilo bridge that connected two important towns, Rijeka  Crnojevica and Virpazar.

Besides a long and rich history that we are a part of, if the weather permits we can embark on a half an hour cruise around the lake Skadar and enjoy local specialties in one of the many rustic restaurants.


Spectacular view on River Crnojevic

 While we slowly make our way to Kotor, we reflect on the beautiful sights, sounds and smells of our day’s journey, knowing that more adventures await us.


KOTOR!  Join us walking the narrow cobble stone streets of old town of Kotor, passing by beautiful  stone buildings, churches and squares. We will find out why, in 1979 Kotor was declared a UNESCO heritage town.


Old town Kotor is home of Cats

We will make sure that your spent day in Montengro is a memorable one !!!

Details & Itinerary


1. Meet the group at the Port of Kotor. Drive to Cetinje (ancient Captial of Montenegro). The drive is 1.5 hour with a short break.

2. Photo break at the top of the mountain after the 25 switchbacks above the Bay of Kotor.

3. Short break in Njegus village, known as the birthplace of Montenegrin rulers from the Petrovic Dynasty. Njegus is known for its famous Prosciutto and traditional cheese.

4. Arrival to Cetinje. City Tour, visit the Monastery and other cultural and historical monuments (1 hour ).

5. Continue our adventure towards Skadar Lake National Park. Photo break on Fjord “ River Crnojevica”  (15 min.).

6. Arrival at “River Crnojevic”, time for lunch and free time (approximately 2 hours).

7. Return to Kotor, taking the magnificent road with breathtaking views of the Bay of Kotor (1 hour and 3o min.).

8. Arrival at Kotor where we tour the old town, squares, churches, and streets of this magnificent town ( approximately 45 min.).

9. The end of our journey.


The excursion lasts about 8 hours.

Private tours availabe

Group tours available

View of the Bay of Kotor

Price information

Private Tour

Check the price list for private tours

1 person       1  x   230€    =  230€
2 persons     2  x   120€    =  240€
3 persons     3  x   110€    =  330€
4 persons     4  x   105€    =  420€
5 persons     5  x   100€    =  500€
6 persons     6  x      95€    =  570€
7 persons     7  x      90€    =  630€

Group Tour


A minimum of 6 participants is required to complete the trip.

Costs Included in the price

  • Transportation in a private air-conditioned vehicle (car, van or mini bus depending on the size of the group)
  • A licensed travel guide in the language of the group
  • Tourist tax Cetinje and Kotor
  • Parking and Tolls
  • Organizational costs

The price does not include

  • Food and beverages
  • Personal expenses


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