Explore St. Stefan, Budva and Kotor

3 top attractions on the Montenegrin coast – Sveti Stefan, Budva, Kotor!


In a small area of Montenegro, there is a lot of diversity. Every place, every town has its own uniqueness. On the Ave tours excursion, we will see the top attractions of the Montenegrin coast: Sveti Stefan, Budva, and Kotor. Sveti Stefan – one of the most luxurious resorts in the elite world, we will find out why Budva is the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism, and in the end we will visit Kotor – a town under UNESCO protection.

We meet at the Zero kilometer (Nulti kilometar) in Bar and take the Adriatic highway towards Kotor. We stop for a photo break above Sveti Stevan – a peninsula built in the 15th century. After World War II, it was turned into a luxury island-hotel where the world’s jet set has been vacationing ever since. The attractiveness of Sveti Stefan was recognized by the team of the famous Hollywood Oscar winner Robert De Niro, who opened a restaurant of the world-famous brand “Nobu” in this place, in 2017.

Amazing  view on Sveti Stefan

Continuing the road to Kotor, we pass through Budva – popularly called the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism. In Budva and its surroundings the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro are located.

Budva is one of the oldest urban centers on the eastern Adriatic coast, and according to legend, it was founded by Kadmo and Harmony 2500 years ago.

Ancient Greece, Rome, Byzantium, Venetian Republic, Austro-Hungarian have left their traces in the architecture of the city, and it is precisely the Square of the Churches that will evoke Budva from the 6th to the 19th century.

We will also see the beach ‘’Jaz’’ where the famous Rolling Stones, Madonna… held concerts, gathering over 50,000 fans across the region.

The Square of the Churches

The first encounter with Kotor, a town located below the slopes of mountain Lovćen, protected by defensive walls about 4.5 km long, will surely delight you. The old town of Kotor has been under the protection of UNESCO since 1979 and now it is one of the most visited cruise destinations in the Mediterranean.

Walking around the narrow streets of Kotor, we will have the opportunity to get acquainted with many noble palaces and churches that carry distinctive elements of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque and Cathedral of St. Trypun, one of the oldest in the Adriatic, even older than the Basilica of St. Peter at the Vatican, is a true example of different styles.

Cathedral of St. Trypun, one of the oldest in the Adriatic

Experience in just one day the magic of the top tourist attractions of the Montenegrin coast and discover why Kotor is one of the most visited cruise destinations in the Mediterranean.

Details & Itinerary


  1. Group meeting at the agreed location at the beginning of the Bar promenade. Drive towards Sv. Stefan and time for a photo break (about 60 min)
  2. Continuation of the trip towards Kotor and a visit of the lookout with a view on the Old Town of Budva (about 45 min)
  3. Tour of the town Kotor and getting to know the history and attractions of the town (about 45 min)
  4. Return to Bar (around 1.20 minutes)

The excursion lasts about 5 to 6 hours.

Private tours availabe

Group tours available

Narrow streets of Kotor

Price information

Private tour

Check the price list for private tours

1 person       1  x  140€    = 140€
2 persons     2  x     80€    = 160€
3 persons      3  x    75€    = 225€
4 persons      4  x    70€    = 280€
5 persons      5  x    65€    = 325€
6 persons      6  x    60€    = 360€
7 persons      7  x    55€    = 385€

Group Tour


A minimum of 6 participants is required to complete the trip.

Costs included in the price

  • Travel by car, van or bus of high tourist class
  • A licensed travel guide 
  • Excursion tax for Kotor
  • Parking services and tolls
  • Organizational costs

The price does not include

  • Food and drink on the excursion
  • Individual costs


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